Project Vin

Vin: A Life Lived Small but Rich

Just relaxing
Vin made about $300 a month as a teacher of Marketing Law at a technical college in Thailand. Now he devotes every available minute to community organizing and grassroots projects.   He is always organizing  a village-improvement project in the provinces. He organizes students at local universities and community leaders in the target village, to build a little library, a cafeteria, or even new toilets -- whatever they need most to improve the quality of life.  His current projects include a reservoir and pipe system to carry water to a thirsty village.  You can see him in action in a 10-minute film by clicking on the link  Project Vin Film.

Flanked by young volunteers Vin stands on street corners with photos and a megaphone, raising cash for a current project. Rush hour commuters from the Skytrain are generous.

For a break from teaching or the projects, he takes a bus and visits his mother's farm, and helps with the crop and the new baby rubber trees.  Sometimes he just takes a canoe and drifts.

Vin's happiest moments are when he is celebrating a victory with his students: they've finally raised enough money to fund a new project. Now they'll shift from street corners in the big city to a little rural school where they'll build a proper library.

Vin and his Bangkok students after a great evening of fundraising.