Vin and Colleagues Help with Flood Relief

Volunteers Encourage Thai Flood Victims, Living Small

These volunteers know that their country will be in danger for another two to three weeks at least. They are faculty at Sriwatanna Technical College in Bangkok who organized other teachers and student to ride all night in open trucks, often through water, to reach the rural North. They evacuated the sick and aged in boats, filled countless plastic bags with fresh water and food. Just as important, they practiced a Thai specialty: bringing cheer and optimism to a difficult situation. They're back in Bangkok now, planning their next relief trip.

The Royal Army and Police have pitched in, of course, but the bulk of the rescue in some remote areas has been grass roots, and has made all the difference.

I've spent a lot of time in Thailand, most recently for a couple of weeks during the flooding.  Thai people are stressed, frustrated, and worn out, but they haven't stopped helping each other, every day, living small.