Temple Ceiling Project Now Complete

The People of Nong Lumpuk say Thanks for the Ceiling!

Your help made it possible

In this remote village, having a real temple means the community has a place to gather and a way of marking life's transitions with familiar ceremony. The temple is a source of pride and a sense of unity.

Villagers were able to build much of the temple themselves, but a ceramic tile ceiling required the skills of specialists.

At the ceremony, the ceiling was the star

Vin and his crew raised the money (and gave their own). They worked alongside the villagers and the hired artisans and the ceiling went up fast.

The Temple


Next project?  Building a classroom for 5-6 year old kids in a village near Chiang Mai.  He calls it pre-primary school and we call it Kindergarten.  Either way, the village has enough little kids now that that they now need a place to teach them, and the classroom will make it possible. If you want to give $5 or $50 or just send a message of support, contact me by email and I'll tell you how.  david.jaidee@gmail.com