These Chiang Rai kids, ages 4 to 16, are getting a chicken coop for their foster home, thanks to grass-roots cooperation. 

In the back are Mary and Tom. They're from Chiang Mai by way of Arizona.  In front with the white beard is Loyander. He's an artist from Africa, by way of the Netherlands, and lives in Chiang Mai too.  Vin, of course, is on the far left. He taught marketing law in Bangkok, then moved to Chiang Mai.

Loyander, who brought new shoes for the kids today, is carpenter, designer, and general manager.  Tom and Mary-- they bought the materials, brought the boxes of books, and plan to help with chicken feed. Vin will bring his students from Maejo Agricultural University to build the hen house and help install the birds, probably with Tom and Mary and Loyander in attendance.

There is no public charity here and no government agency. It's just local people helping local people, and loving it.  

You can help with these projects  through the Project Vin Paypal account: kruvin1978@gmail com.