Part One talked about a sustainability demonstration project -- something simple that can be maintained completely on the local level and provide a model for other villages.  
Digging Riverbank Sand for the Project: It's Free!
It starts with building an 18 by 75 foot pool for fish with concrete floor and walls, and two smaller tanks for breeding and experimentation. There'll be three cisterns for raising frogs, too, and the nutrient-rich runoff will water a big vegetable garden.   For the first time families in Maechaem will have a reliable source of high quality protein, and plenty of local vegetables. The whole project is located on the grounds of the local school, so kids will learn to care for the fish and the crops and enjoy a healthier diet.

In late May Vin went down to Maechaem and organized villagers to dig and haul tons of riverbank sand that will be needed for the concrete mix.  

Bucket by bucket they filled five pickup trucks and hauled clean sand to the building site at the school. 

The New Route for the One Kilometer Pipeline

Last week the project hit and overcame its first snag. The plan was to run fresh water from a stream in the hills above the village. It was going to be a straight shot of half a kilometer, but the people who own the land said no. After lots of discussion, the elders worked with Vin to plan a new route the four inch PVC pipe. It adds another half kilometer and some materials expense, but it will work just fine.

Vin Leads by Example
The coming weeks will mean raising more funds, gathering donated materials, and preparing to buy what they have to.  The target for beginning to dig and pour concrete is mid-July.

Stay tuned, and if you want to help with your time or money (or a lot of PVC pipe), contact Vin at kruvin1978@gmail. com. He'd love to hear from you.