WIN volunteers lend hands and hearts to the projects, from backbreaking flood cleanup to engineering projects like piping water to a dry village.  They take time off too, sometimes to raise money for Project WIN.

Every year, a Chiang Mai Temple hosts a huge festival honoring the cuisine and customs of Buddhists from the far south of Thailand.  This year volunteers, mostly Maejo University students, raised money there.  

They did the customary thing: standing with banners and chatting up bypassers, talking about current and past projects and future dreams.

They also decided to enter the greased pole climbing event. Teams of two slathered themselves with peanut oil and took on a 16 foot pole, also greased. If they reached the platform on the top, they'd collect 10,000 baht, about $300, and give it to Project WIN.

One team came very close, but nobody won.  The best team did get to make a nice donation to WIN anyway -- the consolation prize.  

Tradtional methods were successful too, and it was a good day for fundraising. The money will help a current project near Chiang Rai: bunks and bedding for poor kids who live at the rural school.

That's the same community where WIN placed fish tanks (see below).

If you want to help  no need to climb a greased pole.
You can be a volunteer or a donor with any amount of time or money. Just contact Ajarn (Teacher) Thongin Nuntarat at