Everywhere in the Kingdom, Kids' Day is big, but in mountain villages it's a major all day event. 

Thanks to Project Win and generous donors, this year's Kid's Day was a smashing success.

Among the givers were friends from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and even Arizona and Minnesota.

Ajarn Thongin took 53 student volunteers from Maejo Agricultural University three hours up a mountain in Chiang Mai Province. They'd spent the weeks before gathering donated gifts and prizes for children whose parents can't afford such things. 

They'd planned a big day of outdoor games, shows and fun with booths and tables, like a little county fair.

Then in rained. Hard. Almost all day.  The Maejo students quickly moved everything inside and modified the program. Races became dance competitions, they invented other games to replace volleyball and tag, and the kids had just as much fun, or more.  

In all, 85 children from the village, ages 4 to 12, had a joyful day, and no doubt inspired the 53 volunteers.

This is the same village where the same volunteers have built big tanks for raising catfish and tilapia, to teach fish-raising skills, and to add needed protein to the village diet.  Right now they are working on a little dormitory for the children who must stay at the school, due to great distances from their homes.  

If you'd like to help out, you can join the next project in person, or send money, or just your words of encouragement for these grass roots volunteers.  There's no formal organization, no reports except for these pages, and no affiliation with any big NGO. To help, or to ask questions click here.