Project Win  brings together village elders, university students and other volunteers, and people who could use some help helping themselves. Just as needed are the generous donors from Thailand and beyond who help with money and materials. 

Volunteers arrive from Chiang Mai, about three hours away.
This time 53 Maejo students came rumbling into Mae Vak in two big army trucks, ready to build an addition to the children's dormitory.

Mae Vak has a good school and children come from distant mountain villages to attend. Many have to stay a week or more at a time and they need a place to sleep. Under the direction of village elders  Project Win has been working on dorms, building bunks and gathering blankets and mosquito netting.  This trip was to add a wing where the kids could store their belongings.  

Even with over 50 volunteers, it was a big job to complete in two days and they worked well past sundown.

Volunteers and villagers  put up the concrete posts, laid a concrete floor, built a roof, and constructed cubbies for the kids.

In the evening the college students put on a comedy show for the children and their parents, complete with live music, and the next day each child received a gift from the volunteers.

College kids can labor for 10 hours, then put on a big comedy review for the villagers.

Project Win continues to make a difference for children and families in Northern Thailand. Previously at Mae Vak, the Project built concrete fish ponds and frog cisterns, so that the children could learn to manage a small fishery, and add needed protein to their diets. The Project recently ran nearly a kilometer of blue PVC pipe from the mountaintop into the village to bring fresh spring water. Runoff from the ponds fertilizes a vegetable garden.

Some of the Mae Vak children, elders, and volunteers.

If you'd like to sign on as a volunteer or a donor of money or supplies, please contact us: 

Ajarn Thongin Nuntarut, Project Win