New Project at Khun Lao: Start with Frogs

Project WIN leadership has been invited to help another village. The new sustainability project is familiar: establish a renewable source of dietary protein, and attend to educational needs identified by village elders. The priority for Khun Lao kids and their families is to supplement their diets, and frogs and chickens seem a great place to start. While a central chicken coop and cisterns for frogs and fish are in the plans, Project WIN leaders know that the key to acceptance by the villagers is going slow.

Just to get started, they filled an old cistern and populated it with 600 baby frogs last week. Student volunteersfrom the Fisheries Department at Maejo University advised villagers on how to care for the frogs until they are eating size, and promised to check in again soon.  In the interim they will be trying to raise about 40,000 Thai baht ($1200) to pay for the new big chicken coop, the frog operation, and a good supply of feed for both. The money will go for materials and supplies since the labor is free.  

Maechaem Update:

The demonstration project at Mae Vak village, Maechaem, has been a big success. Villagers are proud of their big fish ponds, frog cisterns, vegetable plots, and the renovated school dorm. With guidance from Project WIN volunteers, they've decided to switch from tilapia to silver barbs as a food fish, because they seem to grow bigger faster. Now Mae Vak elders are hoping to build a chicken coop too, but have to wait until money is raised for materials.  The budget for that is about 10,000 baht, or $300.

If you'd like to volunteer or send money for materials, please contact Aj. Thongin Nuntarat, Project Win coordinator, by clicking here: Project WIN