The Mae Vak demonstration project just got a mushroom factory and 50 baby roosters. The students will care for both under the supervision of their teachers and parents.

Eight volunteers/donors delivered the mushrooms and chicks.  Previous volunteers had made a cozy coop ready, and a fully equipped mushroom growing building.

You can see the stacks of mushroom cylinders in the photos. They’ve been filled by hand with growing medium, nutrients, and the spores.  In the warm and wet atmosphere of the mushroom shed they will grow out of the open end of the bag and be ready to eat or sell in about two months. 

The 200 bags cost 30 Baht each (about 90 cents), and when the mushrooms are mature they can bring three times that.  This is the first time the Mae Vak project will have a crop they can either eat or sell, depending on village needs. 

The chickens are fryers, not layers.  Many of the children’s families already have some eggs available, but limited sources for meat.  Fortunately the children are all from rural backgrounds and aren’t likely to get too attached to the birds.

More than some of the other projects, these new ones require a solid infrastructure, and Project WIN leaders are confident that committed local adult leadership is in place.The mushrooms will cost 2000 Baht to replenish (about $55), and the fryers about the same or a little more.  In addition, they’ll need feed and supplies. Plans are to restock both mushrooms and chickens about once a month.  

If you’d like to help, please email project coordinator Thongin Nuntarat. Please click on

Ready to Make Mushrooms

The New Rooster Coop, Almost Done