Project WIN has active projects in Mae Vak, three plus hours into the hills west of Chiang Mai, and in Khon Lao, just 90 minutes away.


A little over a month ago 8 Thai and foreign volunteers put 50 baby chicks in a coop and 200 bags of mushroom culture in a nearby shed, praying they'd grow.

As of  late October, 2015, 46 of the chicks are real chickens and the mushrooms are well established. (More about these chickens and mushrooms in the previous post). 

With the fish ponds and vegetable gardens, the chickens and mushrooms will supplement families' diets and maybe add a little to village income.  The frog component of the project fizzled, but villagers plan to try again next year now that they have more experience.  One Mae Vak family his already trying to establish a frog project in miniature, and the village is watching closely to see how they do.


At Khon Lao leaders already have frog expertise, so they're confident their frogs will flourish.  The new fish ponds, modeled on the demonstration project at Mae Vak, are doing well and plans are in place for a big vegetable garden and what the kids call a mushroom hotel.  Those school children will learn about fish and frogs and mushroom growing, and under their teachers' guidance, share in their care.

Both Mae Vak and Kohn Lao are examples of grassroots successes, possible when university student volunteers  and village leaders work together to benefit the community long term and provide a learning experience both for everyone. Generous donors from around Thailand and the World help pay for materials and transportation of student volunteers.

If you'd like to give your time or make a donation, contact project coordinator Thongin Nuntarat by email kruvin1978@gmail.com.