Khun Sap

Delivering bags for dirt
Khun Sap, just 70 kilometers north of Chaing Mai, is the newest Protein Project site.  Recently Maejo students finished construction on the big fish pool, and a thousand silver barb babies will arrive soon.  School and village leadership have approved the mushroom hotel, the chicken ranch, and the central organic vegetable garden, to be installed in the next few months. Unlike the other two villages, Khun Sap won't have frogs. 

Two teachers will manage much of the project, and use it as an opportunity to teach "learning by doing."  Village kids will grow up skilled in the best techniques for raising fish, chicken, mushrooms, and vegetables.

Final touches on the fish pool

 Mae Vak

The new duck hotel
Mae Vak is the oldest project, and at three or four hours away, it's the farthest.  In addition to ongoing projects, leaders are bringing in ducks for eggs and re-introducing frog raising.  This time, one experienced family has volunteered to work with 20 adult ducks, establish a colony, then help other villagers start with small flocks.  Frogs, more complex than originally expected, will also be assigned to a volunteer family at first. They'll raise the initial batch, then parcel them out to their neighbors, along with some instruction and support.  

Khun Lao

Khun Lao, also close to Chiang Mai, had infrastructure in place, including a coffee operation, before Project WIN become involved.  After only about 18 months of collaboration, local leaders were ready to take over the entire Project Protein for their community.