Yesterday 1000 tiny silver barb fish arrived, along with a VIP from Bangkok.  Gale Bailey MBE was there representing the British Women's Group of Bangkok, who recently gave their second generous gift to Project WIN. Look at the previous story. You'll see volunteers finishing the new concrete pond at Khun Sap.

Khun Sap is a small village of Kariang (Karen) hill tribe people. They are proud of their 21-student kindergarten and primary school.  Under the supervision of their teachers and parents, the children will learn the best methods for raising fish to provide needed protein for the whole village.  

Introducing fish for the first time was a big event for the students. Learning by Doing, they'll care for the fish until they are the size of a big man's hand, ready to eat. 

In collaboration with village elders, Project WIN volunteers plan to add quarters for chickens, a vegetable garden at the school and a "mushroom hotel."  As always, the themes will be sustainability and independence.