The forest supplies everything
needed to repair the chicken coop roof
 As work ended at Chiang Dao, the team learned a nearby village needed a smaller  version of Project Protein. Volunteers quickly named it Chiang Dao 2.0, and realized that the generous City Life gift for the original Chiang Dao project could also cover their modest needs (plus a training program at Amphur Phrao).  Project WIN/Project Protein provided a flock of healthy chickens, feed, and supplies needed for a village-wide poultry operation.  They repaired the roof on the coop, brought bagged medium and cultures for mushroom cultivation, and some plants for the village vegetable gardens. Volunteers also offered advice and consultation on sustainable methods as requested by village elders.   

Everything but the chickens
Two hens (of thirty) watch the kids make their new home ready. 


New guests in the Mushroom Hotel.

 Mushrooms and eggs ready to sell.

Chiang Dao 2.0 says thank you to City Life!