Make a Gift


If you have a Thai bank account
If you have a Thai bank account and access to it online, you can easily transfer money to the Project WIN account for a nominal fee or no fee at all.  The bank is Bangkok Bank.  The name of the account is Thongin Nuntarat.  The account number is 967-0-07138-1.  Your Thai bank will have instructions posted on their website.

SWIFT Transfer
The account information is the same as above, and the Bangkok Bank SWIFT code is BKKBTHBK. (Transfers from the USA and some other countries may require this routing number as well: 026008691)

Go to, click “Send,” then click “continue.” Enter the email, and the amount of your gift. Follow on-screen instructions.  Your gift will be taken from your credit card and transferred to the Project WIN account. 

Please note that Project WIN is a grassroots organization and as such is not tax-exempt. Reasons for this can be found on the our website page “What Does Grassroots Mean?”  For questions about donations or anything else, please contact Project WIN at