Our Board

The Project WIN advisory board is composed of prominent Thai and foreign persons, almost all of whom live in in Chiang Mai. Board members offer consultation and guidance but do not participate in any volunteer activities except as observers. Although they remain fully informed about the operations of Project WIN, including Project finances, their role is consultative only.  All decisions are made by the project coordinator in collaboration with volunteers and local leaders in areas served.  Board members bring invaluable experience and include an oral surgeon, the manager of an experimental farm, retired business owners, a former consular official, a forensic psychologist, and a Thai army officer:

  • Yvonne Ziegler (Board President)
  • Thongin Nuntarat (coordinator)
  • Gale Bailey, MBE
  • Sombat Clarlermliamthong
  • Richard Murray
  • lst Lt. Gantaphat Gantawong
  • David McPhee
  • Leif Ljungstrom