Some History. . .

Thongin Nuntarat is a 40-year-old Thai dynamo. He was a full-time instructor in marketing law at a Bangkok technical college who taught most weekends for extra money to send to his mother in Surin province.  Then he moved to Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand.

In Chiang Mai, Thongin has started numerous grassroots projects. He has an informal network that sends proposals on a regular basis. Thongin and student volunteers travel to proposed sites and conduct surveys. They assess needs, levels of support in the community, and related factors, before any final decision.  When it’s time, he organizes volunteers to go off into the provinces for the projects, which tend to multiply as needs arise. 

In recent years, Thongin’s crew has restored a flood-damaged library in a primary school, built a cafeteria for students, and bought and installed new toilets, all in poor rural areas.  They've built fish ponds and frog cisterns, working with local villagers, to improve the protein component of the local diet.

Nowadays the main focus is Project Protein.

If you'd like to volunteer or talk to the coordinator, contact Thongin at  (All volunteers are Thai citizens or those whose Thai visas  permit them to engage in volunteer work. Foreign residents whose visas do not permit volunteer work are never asked to work violate the terms of their Thai visas in any way.)